Quique Aviles

Quieque Aviles, a playwright and actor,  was the first person to sit down with The Scene DMV.

We met him at the Gala Hispanic Theater a couple days before its ‘Occupy Gala’ opening. We sat with Quique in the basement and began to delve into his upbringing in El Salavador, his transition to living in Washington, D.C. and how that has all played an important part in the art that he creates.

We then shot footage of Quique during the ‘Occupy Gala’ event that featured Quique (playing Don Amadeo Martinez) as the nights host. The performers at the event ranged from poets, rock groups, Hispanic folk music and comedians.

It was a great place to be, especially as the start to The Scene DMV, being able to witness a wide range of artistic talent in the area.

Watch the interview and don’t forget to drop a comment.


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